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Recommended Broadband Providers

This will be a dynamic list that will contain ISPs that I am aware of that has implemented things like RFC4638 and other things. However keep in mind, ISPs can change management/devices and totally forget the implementations that have been done, so there’s no 100% guarantee they will remain as they are at the time I checked upon them.

If you’re an ISP (whether Indian or a different country) and wants to be included here, please demonstrate with video/screenshots that you’ve successfully implemented the changes mentioned above.

This is a consumer-centric list for end users.

  1. AS135756 (SkyBroadband Services, Shillong) – RFC4638, CGNAT traversal, bogon filtering. No IPv6 deployment for now, but they have the required prefix size to be able to assign a /56 to every customer in the entire state
  2. AS132559 also AS133289 (D Broadband, Bengaluru) – RFC4638 & CGNAT traversal, partial bogon filtering. I have deployed IPv6 on this network in one location, it may take some time for the entire network to be covered, but, good news is, customers will get a /56 for their LAN use.
  3. AS136360 (IsolNet, Chhattisgarh) – Partial deployment of RFC4638
  4. AS132933 (Charotar Telelink, Gujarat) – Partial deployment of RFC4638, CGNAT Traversal and proper IPv6 (/56 to customer is assigned)