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I love tech & networking – I publish networking related content on this site, mostly aimed at Telcos and ISPs.

I occasionally (meaning rarely due to time invested in my main job) provide consultancy work to ISPs from all around the world with regard to implementing BCOPs, best practices, optimal configuration parameters etc.

Furthermore, I also do have some interests in photography and music and I also run my own network! Hit me up if you got anything interesting.

I have worked with the following:

July 2022 – Present
System & Network Engineer |
CLDIN (AS48635)

  • Responsible for configuration, implementation, improvements, design, maintenance of the network infrastructure

January 2021 – Present
Volunteer/Community work in my spare time

  • I operate my own AS149794 for non-profit R&D

I occasionally provide computer networking consultancy and volunteer support to various network operators in India to boost our economy and network conditions such as:

  • Configuring CGNAT to allow NAT Traversal and P2P to work correctly
  • Firewalling and bogon filtering
  • Configuring uRPF/Reverse-Path Filtering/Forwarding
  • Deploying IPv6
  • Layer 3/Layer 4 Load Balancing/Policy Based Routing
  • ICMP Rate Limiting (not ICMP Blocking)
  • Fixing layer 2 and layer 3 MTU issues on Access Network Layers
  • Ensuring PMTUD and Packet Fragmentation work end-to-end without failure or packet loss/drops
  • Supported them in deploying new technology such as Docker
  • Encouraged operators to stick with symmetric routing configuration and topology
  • RPKI Validation/Set up
  • RPKI Invalid drops
  • Encouraging up-to-date IRR information for best practices
  • In contact with folks at Telcos and various ISPs, pushing best practices towards them directly too

I also publish articles related to computer networking and network engineering on this site itself, and at least one article that made it to the Top 3 ‘How to’ posts on the APNIC Blog in 2021.

May 2021 – June 2021
Technical Support Engineer | Civo Ltd.

Big shoutout to Mr Sam Weston for introducing me to Mr Mark Boost, who in turn gave me the opportunity to work for Civo as a Technical Support Engineer

Primary Work:

  • Frontline Support (L1)
  • Direct interaction with the customers, either via Intercom or the Civo public Slack community
  • Basic diagnostic and preliminary checks for the issues reported by the customers
  • Escalate issues to the appropriate team where and whenever required
  • Work hand-in-hand with other support staff for trickier and more complex issues

Secondary Work:

November 2020 – January 2021
Intern | SkyBroadband Services, Shillong

Big thanks to Mr Varun Singhania for giving me the opportunity

My contributions were:

  • Assisted in deploying RFC4638 which enabled customers to push 1500 MTU over PPPoE thereby eliminating packet fragmentation and improving overall network performance
  • Assisted in identifying security flaw in RADIUS configuration that allowed anyone outside the local network to login the web dashboard of any user’s account
  • Assisted in discovering an MTU negotiation issue with certain make/model of ONT devices that prevented jumbo frames from being transmitted

Volunteering work

November 2021 – May 2022
Program Committee Member | INNOG