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I love tech, networking, photography and music. Hit me up if you got anything interesting.

I have done some cool networking projects in my free time in my personal home network & collaborated with various network operators in India which I will post articles about.

I have worked with the following:

November 2020 – January 2021
Intern | SkyBroadband Services, Shillong

Big thanks to Mr Varun Singhania for giving me the opportunity

My contributions were:

  • Assisted in deploying RFC4638 which enabled customers to push 1500 MTU over PPPoE thereby eliminating packet fragmentation and improving overall network performance
  • Assisted in identifying security flaw in RADIUS configuration that allowed anyone outside the local network to login the web dashboard of any user’s account
  • Assisted in discovering an MTU negotiation issue with certain make/model of ONT devices that prevented jumbo frames from being transmitted

May 2021 – Present
Technical Support Engineer | Civo Ltd.

Big shoutout to Mr Sam Weston for introducing me to Mr Mark Boost who in turn gave me the opportunity to work for Civo as a Technical Support Engineer

Primary Work:

  • Frontline Support (L1)
  • Direct interaction with the customers either via Intercom or the Civo public Slack community
  • Basic diagnostic and preliminary checks for the issues reported by the customers
  • Escalate issues to the appropriate team where and whenever required
  • Work hand-in-hand with other support staff for trickier and more complex issues

Secondary Work:

  • Network engineering via AS210777 which was sponsored by Civo for both my own personal learning & research and also for finding new methods and technologies, in general, that may be implemented on Civo
    • Mostly IPv6 oriented with a /32 block