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Announcement: I am now open again for freelancing/consulting projects subject to my availability and time/work-life balance constrains, I'm also additionally open to retainers on a monthly fixed fee basis. My fees are charged based on your company profile, scale, ARPU if applicable, project size and scope, and finally the level of intricacy and attention to detail that you may require.


This page exists solely to let folks like ISP peering portals of various CDNs know the following:

  • AS149794 is run and operated by me (Daryll Swer)
  • At this point in time, only I am authorised to make changes/dealings/peering using AS149794
  • This website is the source of truth for anything related to AS149794
  • At the time of writing this, this AS is running live on layer 1 in the comfort of my home, courtesy of AS132559 (Bengaluru) and AS141253 (Shillong), both who have sponsored layer 2 transport (10Gbps and 200Mbps circuit respectively) for me in order to receive IP Transit right on my doorstep!
Daryll Swer's network engineering blog.